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Bruce Trail Bell Section

Pictures from the Bruce Trail, Bell Section

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The Bell Section of the Bruce

The Bruce Trail is Ontario’s longest marked hiking trail and Canada’s oldest. It starts in the Niagara River and runs all the way to Tobermory, Ontario. The Bruce has a total of 890 km (550 mi) for the main trail and an additional 400 km (250 mi) of side trails. The Bell Section is one of the smaller side┬átrails.

The section here, the Bell section, is located just outside of the tiny community of Kilgorie. The Bell section is a side trail that climbs the steep cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment in this area. It is named after Grant and Grace Bell. They founded the Dufferin Hi-land Club, dedicated to the conservation of this portion of the Escarpment.

Features include an abandoned power plant (which I did not hike to) and a scenic lookout. The lookout is on top of one of the higher cliff faces in the area and has a bench dedicated to the Bells. You can also enjoy the Pine River Fishing Area and see it from the lookout.

Pine River Fishing Area

The Pine River Fishing Area is a small pond created by a man-made dam. The pond used to be┬ástocked with rainbow trout but hasn’t been maintained for some time. There are plans by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to restock the pond with brook trout in the near future (as of 2017).

I’m not sure how often this section of the Bruce is maintained, as the trail blazes are difficult to find in some areas. This led to some confusion as we tried to find the correct trail. If you are hiking in this area, you may want to bring a map (GPS signals can be tricky due to the Escarpment).

Other sections of the Bruce Trail:

For information on this section of the Bruce Trail or to earn your badge, contact the Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club

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